The students of ARPS are global citizens who are respectful, empathetic, and open-minded lifelong learners. Aware, honest, and trustworthy, our students develop a deep sense of personal responsibility and accountability.


ARPS’s bilingual and multicultural student body represents all sorts of cultures and languages. The ARPS community, with its emphasis on education and innovation, places a premium on accepting and supporting people from all backgrounds. Teachers, staff, and students all get along well thanks to the positive atmosphere at the school. These factors, taken as a whole, are the driving forces behind the school’s many academic and extracurricular successes.

AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL was established in 1997 with 25 Kindergarten students in a small villa in Grnata, Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL provides high quality education at an affordable cost for nearly two thousand students. We believe that the aim of education should be to promote a balanced development of the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual aspects of our children.