Senior School

Welcome to ARPS Senior School


Principal: Dr. A.Sattar Amri


The Al Rawabi Private School philosophy promotes a sophisticated roadmap of strategic pathways that provides our students with a learning experience that is value-based, meaningful and relevant. 

The system in which the student is passive while the teacher is active is no longer valid for the 21st Century. Students come to school with character dispositions and prior knowledge that should mark the starting point for the teacher to deliver learning and thus become a moderator of learning rather than a source of information. Spiraling up the curriculum, building on prior knowledge, making use of empowering activities, and blending teaching and learning strategies are all notions to be considered by teachers to make education more effective, and learning more “visible”. Visible teaching and learning means that the students’ become assessment-capable. They are clear about the learning intentions, and go through a real-world meaningful learning experience whereby they can reach the summit of their productive potentials.