*Books will be given to students only after first payment is made.


Other fee:
1. Registration fees for new admission: BD50 (non refundable)
2. Mental Skills (M.A.M.) fees course materials from GR1 to GR8: BD70 with 1st payment, BD70 with 2nd payment.
3. IGCSE fees for GR9 & GR10: Not included
4. IB fees for GR11 & GR12: Not included
5. GR12 graduation ceremony fee: Not included in the tuition fee
6. Extra-curricular activities: Not included


Terms & Conditions:
1. School fees are annual and shall be paid according to the payment schedule.
2. Deadline of Registration for S.Y. 2024-2025 is until 31st May 2024.
3. Students withdrawing before 31st May 2024: fees are refundable after a deduction of BD150.
4. Students withdrawing after 31st May 2024: fees are non-refundable.
5. Late IGCSE/IB registration fees will be borne by parents.


*Please refer to the school website for more details about the school policies and procedures.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions, and all the school procedures, policies, assessment policy, and regulations published in the school website, and hereby accept my obligation towards the school.
I understand that this is a contractual obligation, and as such I confirm my agreement with the above terms and conditions.
I further understand that the school will carry out its obligations and will, if necessary, pursue any unpaid fees accordingly.

AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL was established in 1997 with 25 Kindergarten students in a small villa in Grnata, Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL provides high quality education at an affordable cost for nearly two thousand students. We believe that the aim of education should be to promote a balanced development of the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual aspects of our children.