Parent Council A.Y. 2023-2024




Elementary School

1Mr. Ebrahim AwachiPresident

Ms. Sajida Al-Mosawi

Vice President

Mr. Hasan Al-Sammak


Ms. Lubna Al-Salman


Mr. Khaled Abdelrahim


Ms. Hameeda Ebrahim


Mr. Sadiq A. Ameer


Mr. Basem Ali Abdullah

  • Support the school administration, as it actively participates in the formulation of school policies and plans in accordance with the education systems and regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  •  Plays the role of an advisor to the school in order to develop educational practices and thus improve the outputs in quantity and quality.
  • Promote closer relations between parents, students and Al Rawabi Private School administration in order to establish a partnership aimed at achieving the highest levels of academic achievement and personal development of students.
  • Co-operate with the school administration in all social, educational and cultural activities during and after school working hours.
  • Promote closer relations between the school and other institutions in the country by sponsoring cultural, social, educational and sports activities.
    • Implementing Ministry of Education regulations.
    • Effective contribution with the school administration in developing an integrated plan to achieve the objectives of the Council and develop the school in light of those goals and follow up on its implementation and overcome difficulties that maybe encountered
    • Work to support, develop and modernize the educational process with non-traditional sources of funding by encouraging the self-efforts of capable individuals, businessmen and spontaneous donations.
    • Cooperating with the school administration in developing an executive plan for the maintenance of the school’s buildings and facilities, as well as modern educational devices, tools and aids.
    • Work to support school educational activities and follow up their implementation in order to develop students’ personalities and abilities to confront the negative pressure they are exposed to (smoking – addiction – violence – etc.).
    • Provide the necessary care, programs and educational activities for special categories of students (gifted – G.1-5 learning difficulties)
    • Achieve cooperation between the school and other institutions such as universities, youth centers, NGOs, media and public culture in order to support the educational process and caring for students (courtyards and playgrounds – libraries – computer lab – tools).
    • Enhancing the role of the school in serving the surrounding Community.
    • Participation in faculty sessions without interfering with professional issues.
    • Organizing extracurricular events and activities for students, teachers and parents.
    • Direct contact with parents and inform them of developments in the school, especially the contents and content of the sessions and programs of the Parents Council.
  • Parent Council members are elected every 3 years.
  • A member who withdraws shall be replaced by the votes of the nominated members of the Council.
  • The board consists of a maximum of 8 to 10 members.
  • A schedule of council meetings is prepared at the beginning of the school year and a copy of it is sent to the school administration.
  • The Board shall meet at least once a month during the academic year, or at the discretion of the members, and the meeting shall be held at or outside the school with and without the presence of the School Principal.
  • The President of the Council coordinates with all members and informs them of the date of the meeting and the scheduling of its work and its place at least a week in advance, and the school principal is informed of this.
  • The meeting is held in the presence of the majority of its members, and any decision taken is voted on, and the minutes of the meeting are recorded and distributed for approval, and then a copy of the minutes is sent to the file of the parents’ council at the school.
  • Membership validity shall be lapses upon failure to attend (3) meetings.

Main events organized by Parent Council:

  • Class visits
  • School Carnival on the occasion of National Day celebration
  • Sports day
  • Family day
  • Graduation Ceremony

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Parent Council

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AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL was established in 1997 with 25 Kindergarten students in a small villa in Grnata, Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL provides high quality education at an affordable cost for nearly two thousand students. We believe that the aim of education should be to promote a balanced development of the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual aspects of our children.