The future for education is not in standardizing but in customizing; not in promoting groupthink and “deindividuation” but in cultivating the real depth and dynamism of human abilities of every sort. For the future, education must be Elemental.


-Ken Robinson

In a highly competitive education sector, the success of schools depends on the quality of education. Educationalists across most schools are showing their earnest interest towards the total quality management as an effective management philosophy for sustainable improvement, stakeholders’ satisfaction, and school excellence.

Urged by the pressure and demand for quality education, Al Rawabi Private School has pioneered an independent Quality Unit (RQU) authorized to oversee all school operations and provisions. The RQU adopts a proactive systematic approach to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Towards that, the RQU works according to a set of practices that focuses on the systematic improvement, satisfying the stakeholders’ needs, and “decreasing rework”. Upheld by the senior executives’ commitment to continuous development, the RQU framework is aimed at “relentless quality improvement and sustainably better school performance.”

The RQU perceives the school as a collection of interrelated processes. The RQU puts forward unyielding improvement scheme, involving the school community in a totally integrated effort towards improving performance and outcome. The RQU ensures the integration of all school functions (learning design, teaching, assessment, etc.) to focus on meeting the students’ needs and achieve the school objectives.

The Quality Unit promotes a quality culture among all stakeholders, creating a school ethos characterized by trust, commitment, collaboration, quality-mindedness, enthusiasm for continuous improvement, constant learning and as a result, a working culture that sustains Al-Rawabi success and existence.

The Quality Unit deems it essential to assure:
– continuous improvement of processes and outcome
– integration of people, functions and resources
– systematic and structured moderation approach
– quality control at every level of the school and at every step of the operating process
– developing human and school capabilities
– efficient utilization of resources
– stakeholders’ participation & satisfaction
– an entrenched culture of quality among all stakeholders

AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL was established in 1997 with 25 Kindergarten students in a small villa in Grnata, Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, AL RAWABI PRIVATE SCHOOL provides high quality education at an affordable cost for nearly two thousand students. We believe that the aim of education should be to promote a balanced development of the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual aspects of our children.