Campus Life

School Life

We provide a secured, comfortable, and family-oriented environment. We make sure that our facilities enhance learning so all classrooms have interactive boards. We also secure that science laboratories have a complete set of scientific instruments for experimentation; computer rooms have the latest technology; and libraries are full of various books that will increase the students’ enthusiasm to read. In addition to this, teachers are regularly trained by international trainers to maximize the use of technology and facilitate learning.

Students’ Life

We conduct various programs and activities that enhance the creativity, problem solving and decision-making skills of the students. We designed our syllabi and educational programs in the light of the tenets of the 21st Century Learning Design. We promote independent learning, respect individual differences and acknowledge our students’ special needs.

Parents' Life

We believe that learning does not begin and end within the walls of classrooms. In Al Rawabi, we recognize the parents’ roles in the learning process of their children. Thus, communication with the parents is given importance. The school serves as the liaison between parents and teachers. The school will communicate with parents through the use of newsletters, bulletins, student reports, scheduled conferences, report cards, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, e-mails, SMS, and through the school’s website.

The need for proper communication between and among students, parents, teachers, and administration is given high priority at Al Rawabi. To assist in achieving this objective, the following general procedures are recommended for all concerned parties:

  • When the problem concerns your son or daughter and their work in school, the best person to see is the subject teacher. An appointment to see a teacher may be made by contacting the reception. The receptionist has a list of teachers’ free hours that enables us to arrange conferences with parents.
  • Problems that are not resolved through a conference with the teacher and questions of a more general nature concerning the operations of the school may be discussed with the Principal after arranging an appointment with the secretary.