Kindergarten Curriculum

The Al Rawabi kindergarten program is based on a curriculum that promotes students’ reading, writing, and mathematics competencies. It emphasizes the integration of the content areas—science, social studies, and the arts—and offers challenging learning experiences for all students. Children participate in a variety of learning activities that include large- and small-group instruction and guided practice. During the kindergarten day, there are many opportunities for them to use a variety of materials, to talk and play with other children, and to apply what they have learned from classroom activities. The kindergarten teacher carefully observes and records each child’s progress as a means of documenting his/her acquired knowledge and skills. These documents are analyzed and are used as bases for remedial lessons and for making decisions with regard to changes that must be made to better facilitate learning.
In addition, teachers provide many hands-on learning experiences to promote students’ problem-solving skills. The learning approach has evolved from the conventional text book learning to a more blended e-learning approach with a combination of hands on exploration and interactive learning. It is a means of extending learning beyond the physical boundaries of the text book and the classroom.

Teachers' Quality

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced teaching professionals who have degrees in Early Childhood Education. The school also ensures that all kindergarten teachers are pursuing post-degree education here in Bahrain so they can teach the students in such a way that is culturally-appropriate.
Teachers play a key role in our program. They prepare the learning environment for the child by making sure that rooms are designed with learning materials like the English and Arabic alphabets, numbers, colors and pictures that display good manner and right conduct.
Despite having the key role in the program, teachers are trained to facilitate learning and not dominate it. At Al Rawabi Kindergarten, teachers are considered partners because we believe that active learning depends on positive adult-child interactions. However, encouragement and problem-solving approaches in dealing with everyday classroom situations are preferred rather than a child management system based on praise, punishment and reward.
Our professional staff will work with you and your child as they grow under our care. Our staff is convinced that making a difference in young children’s lives is possible through loving, nurturing, challenging and educating the students in ways that are nothing but traditional.

Safety and Support


The primary responsibility of our school is to ensure a safe environment for students and staff .The school has restricted access security doors to make sure that only authorized people may enter the school premises. There are security cameras in all classrooms, corridors and other areas of the school building .The school also has scheduled fire drills and evacuation sessions regularly.

With regard to the support that the students get in terms of their safety, the school has two experienced and well trained school nurses to help and aid the students during the school hours. The school clinic has all the emergency and first aid facilities required by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.


At Al Rawabi Kindergarten parents are full partners and participants in their children’s academic experience. Our Home School Connection Program suggests activities that provide activities that parents and their children can do together at home. Our Open Door policy encourages parent’s participation in classroom projects, special outings and scheduled observation during class activities.
Additionally, we encourage open communication through:
• Formal parent-teacher conferences held once after every two months to provide formal discussion of each child’s progress.
• Students’ communication notebook and phone calls.
• Scheduled meetings with the homeroom teacher to discuss the behavioural and academic performance of their child.

Publicity Message

At Al Rawabi Kindergarten, we try to build children’s self-confidence so that they are unafraid to take the risk of attempting new challenges. We see each child as someone who is endowed with creativity and great potentials that must be honed in every learning experience that we provide.