Intermediate School

Intermediate Curriculum

Al Rawabi School follows the Cambridge International Curriculum for the Intermediate Level. The curriculum is modified based on some cultural considerations and on the school’s vision and mission. The school strives to provide an inspiring school environment that enhances the students’ personal development and equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their academic achievement. Moreover, our curriculum designers are highly influenced by the 21st Century Learning Design which develops students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and hones their creativity and innovation skills.
Since we follow a renowned international curriculum with an established assessment procedure, students are expected to take the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint at the end of the Intermediate Level. These assessments give the school an international benchmark of student achievement that helps teachers to identify the learners’ strengths and weaknesses. The analyses of the results are then considered in making decisions on the teaching and learning process in the school.

Teachers' Quality

Al Rawabi School teachers have a long-standing impact on the lives of their students. They inspire students toward greatness. Teachers establish clear objectives for each lesson and ensure that these objectives are realized. They have effective discipline skills and they can promote positive behavior. Teachers maintain open communication with parents because teachers believe in shared responsibility with parents as far as the education of their children is concerned. Moreover, all intermediate teachers, despite their credentials and years of teaching experience, never stop attending trainings to ensure excellence.

Safety & Support

The school organizes various events to ensure students’ holistic development. Since the school follows the 21st Century Learning Design, classroom activities are an integral part of every lesson. In addition to this, extra-curricular activities are like educational trips are also organized by the Public Relations Department. Whether the activities are done inside or outside the school, Al Rawabi specifically designated a department that is mainly concerned with students’ safety and that is the Support and Guidance Team. Each grade level has professional Arabic and English-speaking counselors to support teachers in managing the behavior of students and to minimize the conflicts that may arise during activities. Furthermore, the Clinic Department has always been a part of the support group in every school activity to attend to students’ need.


Al Rawabi Faculty members have either Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree. IGCSE and IB teachers have earned their training certificates from the IB Organization.
Professional development is an ongoing priority at Al Rawabi as we believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning. All Al Rawabi teachers are trained in the 21st Century Learning Curriculum and Common Core standards.