Principal’s Message

A. Sattar Mustafa Amri, PhD


In what we may all consider as a firsthand human era marked by rapid and unprecedented changes, we encounter challenges unlike any we have experienced before. Success is no longer ensured, and when attained, the quest for excellence becomes more exigent. Then, creativity becomes indispensible. Thus, Al Rawabi International School embraces “Educational Excellence for a Creative Generation” as its matchless vision, holding itself responsible for empowering learners to reach the summit of their potentials.


Al Rawabi harnesses every available resource to maintain the uppermost level of academic achievement and personal development for every single student. At Al Rawabi, all stakeholders are committed to investing in the human capital; we develop the teachers’ professional competencies to enhance the students’ academic performance.  In this very epoch, the greatest strides towards securing a sustainable quality education will result only from setting up an ethical institution where the school ethos accentuates the values of responsibility and accountability, respect, responsiveness, and life-long learning.


All said and done, it is my personal belief that we are what we are because the school is a pleasant place to be – for staff, teachers as well as students. This humble site will give you a glimpse of life at Al Rawabi International School that is disciplined, rigorous, challenging and above all, exciting and safe! We are in the serious business of educating Bahrain’s generations in business, economics, humanities, culture, and sciences.


I hope that the school official site will give you an understanding of why we aim at being ranked as one of the most respected schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain.